Modern denim jean

Modern denim jean

ETO jeans are a modern denim brand from United Kingdom and it is manufactured from Turkey. This type of jeans is marketed in 2007 in United Kingdom and in 2012 it invaded Australia. This jean is meant for urban living and it is more stylish for every occasion.

ETO combines the goodness of the best design and the core cutting edge to produce exclusive look with meticulous attention to feature that motivate the fashion literate. ETO produces limited run of each fashion and launches a new range of jeans.

Brand History

The co founders of denim and the famous architect of Spanish ‘Antoni Gaudi’ jointly designed the ETO jean. The objective of this made is to incorporate the innovation characteristics with the design. The product aim is to preserve the quality of denim along with the features of cutting edge. The ETO jean gained vast development and fame during the short duration.

Styles in Eto Jeans

ETO jeans are available in four different styles like Regular slim fit with blue and black wash with 100 percent cotton material, tapered fit made of 75 percent cotton & 25 percent polyester material and tapered chino style with 35 percent cotton and 65 percent polyester, a cotton blend material. The tapered chino style is the trade mark of ETO jean and believed to be the best seller among all jeans.

The slim fit jean comes with slight embossing to coin pocket, tinted stitching feature, patch work and metal tag. The back pocket is embossed with stylish stitches with leather waist label. This type of jeans is available with two front pockets and two back pockets.

Sizes in ECO jean

Choosing appropriate Jean size is uncomplicated when a person is sure about his waist size and it is difficult for those persons who are irresolute about the size. The best option is to try and test the Jean.

The waist size is ranging from 28 inches to 42 inches. For short size the length of the leg is 30 inches and for regular size the length of the leg is 32 inches where as for long sizes the leg size is 34 inches.

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