Dream matte mousse- by maybelline

Dream matte mousse- by maybelline

Dream matte mousse in classic ivory

Dream matte mousse in classic ivory comes with 100 percent matte protection and air-soft feel. It is perfect for mostly all kinds of skins- normal to oily. You are going to love this product because:
• Contemporary air-soft mousse gives hone coverage for 100 percent matte arête.
• It is perfect for oily to normal skin.
• Dermatologist- tested, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, allergy-tested-won’t block pores and is safe for sensitive skin too.

For best results, apply evenly and smoothly on your face and brew with your fingertips.

About Maybelline Dream matte mousse

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is a radical lashed formula, giving perfect, air-soft finish coverage, with trivial feel. It is a boost in technology with silicone; flexible polymers to aid prevent layering. Its color pigments give admirable coverage which fuse calmly to give a natural-looking, soft and even-toned conclusion.

Applying tip

Hone in on perfecting the coverage and tone down the middle of your face primarily. Use just a little mount of makeup and fuse it in assiduously. You can then apply more layers if needed to get the coverage you wish to get.

Claims of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation:

• Radical lashed formula gives perfect, air-soft matte finish coverage with a trivial and light as feather feel.
• Color pigments cite first-rate coverage.
• Brews conveniently for an even-tones, natural looking, soft result.
• It is now available in 16 shades.

Some reviews:

This little but quite heavy jar of glass with brown colored inchoate cap has an absolutely inodorous and pasty-like foundation that when pressed with your finger will give the feeling of touching something like clay or hung curd. This lightweight cream foundation is mapped with jojoba oil which keeps the skin comfortable and moisturized. This foundation shrivels to a matte, soft finish. It has nice consistency. According to the reviews, it is more mousse-y that most of the other foundations available in the market. The coverage is also very appreciable. Most of all, it is not heavy and does not cake. It is surely a great value for money!

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