Mathematical fitted jean

Mathematical fitted jean

Dr Denim jeans are the creation of 35 years of family dressmaking and veteran methods of production. Dr. Denim is a self-governing superior denim brand in Gothenburg, Sweden and established in 2004. Dr Denim trusts in unconventional thoughts and do creativity and research in that area. Dr Denim’s odd impressions create ideas which are converted into final sketch of jeans. The sketches are soon developed as messy, quick lines on paper then converted into formal blueprint for action. Dr Denim jeans are built up on vision and ideas.

Dr Denim Jeans Production Phase

Dr Denim forwards the technical documents like pattern, sketches, washes, photos, pocket lining, thread thickness and color and description of the fabric to the factory and these information’s are utilized by the factory. Here created a prototype and it is forwarded to Dr Denim for further verification. The Corrections are sent back to the factory and made into designs. Finally the jeans are arrived at stores to reach consumers. Dr Denim will not fade on more washes. This is possible by implementing scientific approach towards the fabric.

Perfect Fit

In 2003 Dr Denim started its harmony into the style through cautiously designed fit and luminously created jeans by using mathematically calculated approach. The fit is calculated using golden ratio called divine proportions.

There are four type of fit are available in Dr Denim jeans: Loose, Regular, Tight and Skin Tight.

The loose fit jeans are made up of soft denim fabric and look elegant with simple checked shirts and it will not show the legs too tight. The Regular fit comes with tapered leg and high waist fashion with five pockets. The tight fit hugs the body and shows the leg very slim.


Dr Denim intentionally decides how to treat and not treat the denim. Washes play a vital role in designing of jeans. The premium denim can lose all its nature after it undergoes more wash. The right wash can raise the life of the jean for long time. Regarding the wash in washing machine turn the jean upside down and set the machine on cold mode without spinning.

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