Things one can do with the disposable mascara wands

Things one can do with the disposable mascara wands

Every makeup tool has a use and probably the spoolie brush, also known as the mascara wand is the most versatile of all. As you cannot just use the 1 in your mascara tube for grooming your brows, the disposable ones are more accessible and utile. You can get a lot of them from any nearby store. These little things can do a lot more that just distributing tar on your lashes. Given below are some of the uses of disposable mascara wands:

1. Grooms the eyebrows-

This is an obvious point. You can use the disposable mascara wand to brush out your powdered/ penciled brows to get the softened look.

2. Touch-up of the root-

People who have got roots to quest with hair dye very well understand the assiduous practice of handling them at home. Such people definitely deserve a big salute! These small disposable mascara wands are ideal for attracting on where color or bleach requires going on your roots and not on the remaining hair.

3. Removes cuticles-

It is no secret that one should NEVER cut their cuticles. Nonetheless, you can curtail their unveiling with a spoolie brush or some handy cuticle-remover. All you have to do is sprinkle some remover on the cuticles and rub in. Let them bathe and immerse for a minute and then you can start with the scrubbing. The little brushes are genial, but they get the work done.

4. Locks down Fly-always-

When you have a detailed and overdone hairstyle, the uttermost thing you wish to do is use a beat when you really just require a jerk. That’s where the role of a spoolie brush begins. In case you wish to slick back just a few strands of hair, you can only spray them with the hairspray and comb/ brush them down past disturbing the remaining hair.

5. Mascara editing-

Your mascara is meant to give and your spoolie brush is meant to take away. In case you wish to get your eyelashes just correct, you must use the “blank” mascara brush for especially undoing the clumps or the awful together stuck eyelashes.

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