Curvy jeans for heavy weight women

Curvy jeans for heavy weight women

Jeans are available for all body types. The designers design the jeans keeping in mind the different body type of the women. Women with curvy figure need to select the jeans carefully. They need to identify the appropriate jeans that would give a slimming effect and would hide their curves. Curvy jeans are especially designed for curvy body types. Women with such figure should opt for high waist dark shade denim that would give them a slimmer appearance.

Different categories of curvy jeans

 Mid-rise super stretch

 Low rise relaxed

 Mid-rise some stretch

 Mid- rise straight leg curvy jeans

Styles of curvy jeans

 Style for wider hips: Women with wider hips should avoid bootcut jeans. Mid low rise and straight leg fit can also be worn by these body types.

 Style for hiding tummies: Bootcut jeans are best to hide tummy. A high or mid- rise jeans are also recommended for women with big tummies.

 Style for minimizing rear ends: If a woman wants to minimize the rear end then she should select high rise jeans with pockets.

 Top heavy neutralizer: light wash or whiskered jeans will suit best for women who are top heavy. It will reduce the extra weight and give a slimmer appearance.

Tips when buying curvy jeans

• Fitting is the top most priority when buying curvy jeans. Ill fitted jeans would look bad and vulgar. The jeans should fit perfectly. It should not be a problem to wear and remove the jeans.

• Jeans with spandex is a good alternative but too much spandex will cause the jeans to snag after some time

• Some jeans are labeled curvy and are especially designed for curvy body type. These jeans make the women look slimmer due to the inseam in the ankle.

• A short heighted woman with big tummy should avoid high rise jeans

• Women with larger hips should use a wide waistband

• Jeans rise should be carefully selected as per body type.

It is not easy to find the perfect jeans for curvy body type. One needs to try out different styles and fit and then decide accordingly.

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