All about the crosshatch jeans

All about the crosshatch jeans

A good pair of well fitting Crosshatch jeans in your wardrobe would mean a lot in to you. A great set of jeans can be combined with sandals that are perfect for the warm summers and pairing them up with boots and a sweater can be ideal during the cool winters and while wearing heels to complement your jeans would be perfect for a formal look. Many women actually find it hard to find the right jeans that would make them look slim and fit. To make a style statement you must wear the perfect jeans that suit your body type.

Choose the color of Crosshatch jeans

As there are a huge variety of colors available in crosshatch jeans, it might be difficult to choose the best color among them. For summers, white Crosshatch jeans would be perfect to wear but it can be easily stained and washing them often can make them look dull and not wearable anymore. White colored pants are also not suitable for bigger sized women as it makes them look wider than they actually are.

The most preferred color of Crosshatch jeans is black color as they can be worn anywhere and are more edgy than the other light colored jeans. Pair them up with a good set of heel shoes and a good blouse if you want a formal look. Combining the black Crosshatch jeans with skinny boots and a leather jacket will make you look stunning and fashionable. Hence women should always choose darker shades when it comes to jeans or denims as most of them can easily pull off the trendiest dark shades.

Another good color is the blue jean that is a classic shade worn since many years. For a retro style statement wear blue jeans that has a boot cut or flare cut to look in good shape.

Types of jeans for every body type

Those women with short legs should stay away from cut off Crosshatch jeans as it will decrease the length of the legs and make them look shorter. A good dark color slimming jeans paired up with heels are ideal for those short women.

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