Emulsion substratum

Emulsion substratum

All women desire to have a picture-perfect skin and the feel-good attractiveness of having a flawless look. Faces are convoluted with blemishes, blotches and dissimilar skin tones on different areas of the face. The foundation iron out these snags and gives a perfect look to the face and hence imposes self-confidence.

Cream foundation

Different categories of foundations are available in the market in that Cream based foundations are in demand, especially due to their denser concentrations, easy to apply and blend features. Cream foundation is a sort of makeup base that uses a creamy formulation which provides bendy concealment for skin flaws and discoloration. Cream foundation gives consistent look and it is suitable for normal and dry skins. The thicker formula is simple to apply over affected areas and builds even looking skin tone. Cream foundation comes in a stick or in a compact which makes it convenient to carry. The minimum quantity of cream based foundation is enoug

Benefits of Cream foundation

The Cream Based foundation is preferable for Dry skin because it hydrates and gives dewy feeling to the skin. Persons anguish with Lines and Wrinkles are also benefited with Cream Based foundation because it covers the flaws better than other types of foundation. The Cream Based foundation acts as a barricade between the skin and the elements. It minimizes the pores and locks moisture into the skin. Cream foundation offers a unique touch proof system which prevents the foundation to run or smudge on the precious clothes or rub on the eye makeovers.

Pertinent Foundation Color

A good foundation will vanish into the natural skin tone and it should match evenly and blend out any discoloration giving an impression that the user is not wearing any makeup.

How to apply Cream Foundation

Applying cream foundation is typically done with a slightly damp sponge or foundation brush with an extra care on the hair lines and jaw lines. Dunk the brush or sponge into the foundation and apply the foundation in a patting motion over areas that require more coverage.

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