Cosmetic vanity

Cosmetic vanity

Cosmetic Organizer

Time is precious and do not waste time searching your lip liner in one bag and your mascara in another. Big is always better, and here comes a beautiful, adorable and elegant all in one cosmetic organizer.

It would be ready to use whenever you need and wherever you need. It will be very much handy to explore all your beauty tools in just one flick of the finger.


This organizer comes in a gracefully designed compatible size that can hold all our day to day beauty tools and make overs.Cosmetic organizer offers dispensable compartments to hold each of the beauty tools individually. This can hold whatever you want to and will allow you to handle it effortlessly. There are separate holders to hold liner, pencils, mascaras, brushes and lipstick and separate section of shelf for primer, foundation cream and concealers.

A distinct detachable tray is offered to hold hair brushes, combs, rollers etc. A separate special section is to hold all lovely touchup brushes. There are lines of dividers which can be adjusted to hold nail enamels, blushes and other smaller bottles. There is a considerable accommodation for larger makeup items like palettes and rollers etc.

One can organize each tool according to the priority and the occasion of the items used.

Scratch Proof:

Special precaution is taken while designing the organizer to avoid scratching of shelves and avoid damage to cosmetics while using it. Imported material is used in the making of outer cover to protect the sophisticated beauty tools held within.

Elegant & Stylish:

Cosmetic organizer is an elegant piece of an art to display our collection of makeovers and beauty tools, especially to those who want to organize their beauty kitty and save lot of their time. There are many such cosmetic vanities and organizers available in the Market but nothing like this one. Simply gorgeous that will boost our confidence internally through its wonderful presentation.
Just words are not enough to explain the experience of using it, one should experience by using it personally. This lovely organizer will help every woman to pamper her womanhood.

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