Hide facial imperfections with concealers

Hide facial imperfections with concealers

Concealers are beauty product can are used to hide the facials flaws like spots, acne, dark circle, birthmarks, pores, blemishes etc.

Types of concealers:

Liquid concealer: It is suitable for all types of skin except dry skin.It can build up light to full coverage and is very easy to apply. They are available in matte, satin and radiant shimmer finish.

Stick concealer: Stick concealers are recommended for sensitive, dry and normal skin. They provide medium to full coverage. They are best to cover the dark circles and spots near the nose and mouth area. They are available in powdery matte and satin finish.

Cream concealer: They can be used on sensitive, normal, combination and dry skin. They work best for discoloration and blemishes. They give better coverage than the liquid concealers. Cream concealers are available in creamy and satin finish.

Cream to powder concealer: They are best for normal to dry skin. The creamy texture makes it easy to apply. They are not recommended to be applied on blemishes. They provide light to medium coverage and are available in smooth matte and powdery finish.

Color correcting concealer: They are used to correct the issues related to skin color like dark circles, birthmarks, pigmentation etc. They provide coverage ranging from sheer to full.

Types of concealer based on its uses:

 Under eye concealer
 Correctors
 Yellow toned concealer
 Body concealer
 Heavy duty concealer
 Concealer for dark skin
 Concealer for anti-aging
 Concealer for acne

Shades available in concealer:

Green: Green shade concealers are used to hide the red spots on the skin. Acne, blemishes, sunburn etc. may cause redness of the skin; this can be minimized using a green concealer.

Purple: Purple concealers have the tendency to brighten up the face. It can be used on dull, yellowish complexion.

Salmon: It is peach pink shade which can be applied under the eyes and around the nose and mouth areas. This color gives radiance and rejuvenates the skins.

Yellow: They are best for dark circles and bruises.

Orange: Orange concealer works best on dark spots and high pigmentation areas. They are also effective in hiding the dark circles.

Neutral: One with no skin problems can use neutral concealers. One can select the concealers with shades matching to their skin to cover up small imperfections.

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