The latest trend in jeans – coloured & skinny

The latest trend in jeans – coloured & skinny

Jeans are an indispensible part of any wardrobe in the present day world. Basic denims can be worn day in and day out on a regular basis. An emerging trend among the jeans loving community is the increase in usage of coloured stretchable skinny jeans. The coloured skin tight jeans have found great acceptance among the modern day divas. Girls and small children are the dominant number among people who wear coloured skinny jeans. Boys are also found wearing the skinny jeans but in traditional shades. A few exceptions of boys donning coloured skinny jeans cannot be ruled out.

Popular with college students

College going girls have taken a special liking to these jeans and use these jeans to set their fashion impression in their respective colleges. The bright colours like pink, purple, bright red, yellow, aqua blue are the most dominant colours found among the college girls wearing these jeans. Girls couple these jeans up with attractive tank tops, tube tops, short shirts etc. while at college.

Possible Combinations

Skinny Jeans are available in many colours and can be worn in accordance to the mood of the person. These jeans can be worn in tandem with many other outfits from the western couture. A black camisole worn under a light shaded jacket or button down shirt over bright coloured skinny jeans makes an amazing and enviable fashion statement. Many other options like a mono colour tank top or simple patterns like lines and zigzags also look amazing with the coloured skinny jeans.

Slightly Overweight – No worries

Many females who are slightly on the plus size of the waist line they would like to be have also taken a special liking towards the coloured skinny jeans as their appearance looks more chic with such jeans on. These females prefer lighter to mid-tone shades like white, camel and turquoise. Skinny jeans are a must have in the wardrobe of females who want to look slimmer.

Can be worn to work

Soft shades of these denims are also being worn by the working women to their offices and thus, another serious of potential buyers for the skinny jeans is exposed to the manufacturers. Many shades like turquoise, deep red, charcoal grey etc. are the most popular colour among the working women. For official wear, skinny jeans need to be allied with subtle tops like button down shirts, chic cardigans and other such dresses.

Bright Dresses – Happy Children

Small children look at their brightest when they don bright colours and skinny jeans in bright shades add a charm to childish cuteness. The dull and subtle colours are best left for elder stages of life and children relish wearing these jeans.

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