Facts about colored mascara

Facts about colored mascara

In the present times, probably you have witnessed pastel colors pop up on armpit hair, eyebrows, and even hair. However, with the introduction of colored mascara, this beauty trend has been transformed into a whole new dimension by adding color to your eyes. It is neither about eyeliner nor eye shadow, but we are talking about colored mascara. You probably might have rocked the colored mascara back then, and fortunately it is making a comeback. With the availability of colored mascara, you need not stick to just a single color. Below are examples of colored mascara and how to pull them off.

NYX Cosmetics Color Mascara

The NYX Cosmetic Color Mascara, Blue, 0.32 Ounce gives a vibrant and a fun mascara option that goes beyond the ordinary. The mascara delivers the intense color payoff and is fully packed with pigments that are noticeable by everyone due to the flawless eyelash color. It is a must try for the beauty lovers.

Butter London Wink Mascara

The Butter London Wink Mascara collection avails two basics and six dramatic shades. When it comes to this mascara, picking the color of your preference is a difficult option. It provides a variety of shades that you would want to put on all year long.

How to Pull Off Colored Mascara

Colored mascara may be an enigma to most people. At times, give that runway appearance of your dreams. There are times it may make you have or look like mold is growing on your lashes. Having a good mastery of the pull-off tips helps you avoid such instances. Below are some of the techniques that you may employ for a perfect pull off of colored mascara.

It can be easily pulled off if you nurture a tendency of applying the colored mascara over a primer. For optimum color saturation and brightness, first apply a light-colored or even a white lash primer. Matching it to the eyes also is essential. Whether green or brown, purple mascara always appears to be the flattering choice, whereas blue and green mascara suits best with the respective eye colors. You can also wear it on the tips, lower lashes or even in the corners. It may look best on either of these according to your wearing techniques.

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