Cargo cosmetic’s wins and losses

Cargo cosmetic’s wins and losses


The Canadian cosmetics jargon Cargo Cosmetics founded by Hana Zalzal in 1996 has gained quite a lot of repute and respect in the international market and has also bagged some noteworthy awards for itself. It has come a long way with its innovative approach to address the demands of the services provided, as is seen in their refurbished packaging. It targeted to set up a professional make-up brand and so it has in all these years. It has been in the news time and again receiving positive reviews about some product or another, and also for products like the bronzer, contour pallet, eye lighter, reverse lip liner, foundation pouch and the CARGO blurry™ Collection that have all been award winners at various occasions all over the world.


For the face there are bronzers, powders, primers, concealers, foundations, moisturizers, blush palettes and color sticks. For the face are their famously large palettes, eye liners and shadows, mascaras and brows. And for the lips they have their bestseller lip glosses, lip colors and liners. They have special high definition (HD) make-up products as well and also a range of brushes that have not gone down well with the female community.


Cargo makes some exceptionally good lip glosses in oversized metallic tins that are widely identified with the brand, foundations, bronzers and eye make-up that give it a brand name of its own in the international market. Their ‘Swimmable’ cosmetics line includes water resistant makeup for swimmers and hot summer and rainy days.


Apart from a few products that define the brand and have taken it to great heights, many products are not worth the splurge, as Cargo has quite a pricey range of cosmetics that are not wallet friendly at all. There are numerous complaints about their products being too scented, irritable because of excessive chemical formulations and limited variety, to name a few. In short, Cargo does not bring anything outstanding to the plate than what we haven’t seen before.

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