Stay in style with capri jeans

Stay in style with capri jeans

Capri jeans are shorter than the normal jeans. They vary in length and can be knee length, ankle length or mid- calf length. They are best to be worn during the summer. Right fit and washes of Capri jeans looks very casual and fashionable. They are known by different names all over the world like crops, high waters and pedal pushers.

Types of Capri jeans

 Ankle length: They end at the ankles. They look very attractive on women with long legs. A pair of right heels sandals can add personality to the wearer. They are not advisable for shorter women.

 Calf length: They end between the knees and ankle: They are suitable on both tall and short women with any type of shoes or sandals.

 Flared: They are tight fitting at the waist and hips but are flared after the knees. They look good on tall women.

Knee length: They end below the knees. They are very common and mostly preferred by women.

Styles of Capri jeans

• Skinny: They are made from denim and stretchable fabric and are tight fitting. They are very much in fashion and loved by all. Not recommended for women with slim or wide legs.

• Straight: These jeans are fitted on the waist but are straight to the end of the legs. They can be worn by all body types.

• Tapered: They are wider at the top but gets narrow at the bottom. They make the women look slim.
One can select the type of style according to the individual choice. It is better to try and see what suits better.

Types of Capri jeans washes

 Acid wash: Light blue with white spots

 Dark wash: Dyed to give a darker shade

 Light wash: Less dyed to give a lighter shade

 Sandblasted: Washed with sand particles to give them a fade look

 Stone washed: Washed with rock or stone to give it a worn out appearance

 Tinted: dyed with different shades like red, green, white, brown

 Vintage: They are faded to give them an old used look

 Whiskered: They are bleached to create creased lines

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