Makeup brushes types

Makeup brushes types

Makeup brushes are available in different shapes and sizes and each of them is used for different purpose. Prices are different for each brush depending upon the quality of material it is made from. I will tell you about few of the brushes and their uses.

Foundation brush:

They are used to achieve the best finish, similar to the one in your dream. In order to use it, pour some warm water in the bowl and make brush slightly wet with the help of water. This will help you achieve the best” alt=”Brushes – 1″ width=”210″ height=”210″ /> Brushes[/caption]

Concealer brush:

It is a thin and slightly long brush with a pointed tip. It is used to apply concealer under the eyes to get rid of dark circles and other imperfections. In order to use it, simply dot concealer and brush it evenly.

Lip brush:

If you want to achieve a perfect and flawless line, nothing can be as beneficial as a lip brush. It is designed in such a way that it has no margin for error. Use it as you use a normal lipstick.

Fine point eyeliner brush:

The brush has an extra fine tip which helps you achieve a perfect line in one stroke.

Duo fiber brush:

This brush is ideal for mixing and buffing color. It has a flat, feathery and circular head that helps you achieve your desired coverage of cream or liquid. Blend the brush on your cheeks and brow bones and see the result.

Powder brush:

It is a soft and rounded brush that is used for powder. In order to use it, leave the brush in the powder and apply it on the skin. If there is some extra powder, remove it before applying on the skin.

Brush cleaner:

Everything needs cleaning to perform the tasks accurately. You should keep your brushes neat and clean otherwise there is no need to spend money on brushes.


Brushes as well as brush cleaners are easily available everywhere. They are available in different prices and qualities. The higher the quality of the brush, the better the results it produce.

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