Mascara in brown

Mascara in brown

Are you still on the debate of black or brown? then take some minutes to read these up.


Black has always been a very common and widely preferred colour for lashes, however, brown mascara has been accepted largely (especially by our blonde sisters), and this product seem to be growing popular in the developed countries.

Indeed there are many other colours of mascara in the market, but these two
that is just mentioned seems to be leading the way with mascara when it comes to popularity and preferences.

Brown mascara

Black and brown no doubt are cool and natural colours. Just like its foreganger black, brown mascara promises a lot but in a rather unique way.

This fine set of colour mascara comes with every other thing that you desired in mascara.

Who can wear it

It can be worn by any person despite skin colour or tone, as long as she is cool with it.

The argument

Let me chip these in, I have heard a lot of girls say something like “my mom use to wear them and then I started…” “my friends think…” Come on this is not about what anyone said or think, but its about what you, I mean “you” know. Of course you should know what you want in any giving moment, so you drive and not let anyone detect for you.

And what if you don’t know? Then get to know as you read on.

Before you decide

There are some mascaras that
promises thick, mile-long and well defined
lashes for all, but some experts in the field said that it is not to be so. If a single
product have to pack all on itself, then so
many effective formulas and ingredients might be found wanting, because it had to sacrifice one or more benefit for another.

But if you want some good and specific effective ones, then go for a specialized type.

Effects on Skins

In the simplest form, brown mascara on a blonde or red head blue eye looks more natural but it gets so dull and looks as if nothing really happened on black skin and hairs. Now the ball is in your court.

Before I go

You don’t need to know the ingredients and how they are made, or do you

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