Metro men skinny jeans

Metro men skinny jeans

Skinny jeans have tight fit on the waist and legs. They are currently in fashion. Skinny are available for men and women of different body types. They look very trendy and classy. They are considered to give a metro look to the users. One should select the appropriate size and body type and can wear these jeans with confidence.

Styles of skinny jeans:

• Tight: They are tight fitted jeans that completely hug the legs. They can make the legs appear thinner but won’t look good on wider legs. They can be worn with other casual outfits. The bottom too appears to look flat on skinny jeans.

• Fitted: Fitted jeans are like tight jeans but the fabric is a bit flexible. The slimming effects of fitted jeans are lesser than the tight jeans.

• Semi loose: These are fitted jeans on the waist but loose on the legs. They give enough room for movement and are more casual than other skinny jeans.

• Loose: These are skinny jeans which are fitted on the waist but very loose on the legs. These are suitable for people who are not comfortable with tight skinny jeans.

Fades of classic skinny jeans:

 Dark: Dark shade jeans are the best option for heavy weight men as they make the body appear slim and attractive.

 Light: They are worn casually only. This color is rarely found in skinny jeans.

 Acid: These are whit with blue patches. These retro type fashions are back in style again.

Fades of Metro Skinny jeans:

 Sandblasted jeans: These jeans have fake holes that are created with rocks or sandpaper.

 Tinted: These are different colored jeans like red, yellow etc. They are dyed to give them a unique color. They look very metro and are not suitable for all personalities.

 Vintage: These jeans have green shades on its body. The thighs and pocket have faded color.

 Whiskered: These are stylish jeans that have horizontal lines that look like creases. They are designed to give a worn out look.

The shades of the skinny jeans should be selected keeping in mind the use and the outfits with which they will be paired.

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