Touch of glamour with bourjois cosmetics

Touch of glamour with bourjois cosmetics

History of Bourjois Cosmetics

Bourjois cosmetics is a French company that offers wide range of make-up products. It was formed in the year 1863, in Paris. It was created by the actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin. He himself prepared perfumes and make-up products at home. This was taken up and internationally acclaimed by Monsieur Bourjois and thus the name after him. In the initial stages, they created wax make-up sticks with interesting names. They were initially used for supply of make-up products to artists of theatre, which later was broadened and refined to the common consumers. The palette of colors and quality was improved with huge success.

Bourjois cosmetics now

Bourjois cosmetics are now widely available in any part of the world and are famous for its quality and look they impart. The products are now accessible to common people who love to groom themselves. They have broad range of make-up products which include eye shades, Lip sticks, mascara, kohl, blushes, contouring powders, foundation, concealers, highlighters etc. They have a wide range pallet of colors and shades which one can choose according to their style and preferences. The packaging of the products is equally classy and chic. One can easily fall in love for the products they offer and get addicted to them. The cost of the products are a bit on the higher end but are worth it. You would not mind spending some bucks for quality products that do not show any side effects or damage the skin when applied.

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Products offered by Bourjois

The company offers wide range of products, some of the famous products from Bourjois include:

Bourjois effect 3D lip gloss: These lip tints contain micro crystalline wax for shinny tinted lips. It comes with great smell and gives a fuller look to the lips.

Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation: This amazing foundation gives a fine finished face by concealing the tiredness on face. Light, oil-free and easy to work.

Bourjois clubbing eye liner: The eye liner gives an awesome black intense and bold look to the eyes. Its water resistant properties gives them a longer stay.

Bourjois sweet kiss lipstick: Comes in amazing range of colors with nourishment to the lips. Contains Argan oil for miniaturization and kiss ready lips.

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