Tapered jean

Tapered jean

Boot cut jeans are well liked fashion and it is being popular from 1980’s. Boot cut can be used as semi formal wear, casual wear and daily wear.

Brand History

The boot cut style is adopted from sailor uniform and this cut easily allows them to wear the boots. In this style the upper leg has a cut that fit contentedly from the thigh to knee and broaden from knee to hem. When the bottom of the boot cut is folded up, the hem stroke the knee area
Advantages of the Boot cut Jean

Boot cut jeans are passionately fashionable especially with females. These jeans are made from denim and tailored around the bottom and waist, fairly slack over the upper leg and the mid calf is slightly flared. It looks like bell bottom instead it will not flare widely. This jean gives slimming effect when worn with necessary accessories and hence preferred by women. Skinny and narrow jeans hug the body closely; hence it will not suit for boots and also these jeans emphasis the waist, thigh and stomach and creates bigger illusion. Women will never like this look.

Buying Tips

When buying a boot cut jean the person should think the factors like seat, rise, wash, size, wash and colors. The rise of the boot cut varies from low, mid and high rise. The variation between low rise and high rise is nearly 10” and hence considering the rise while buying is important. Women who prefer to add some figure can opt for jeans with pockets. The material also should be considered as it comes in denim, cotton and cotton blend. Regarding size various manufacturers use different sizing chart and it should be noted correctly.


Boot cut goes well with thick body built women and heavy bottom women because it is wide at bottom and maintains the equal volume of the body. Boot cut jean helps the women to look great on any occasion. The stone washed, medium, and dark shades are available in Boot cut with variety of colors. Choosing a right boot cut jean can shows a women in a chic way.

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