Mantling with the blush brush

Mantling with the blush brush

Blush brushes are used to give the blushing effect on the face on pretty ladies. Everyone adores a blushing face. A woman looks the prettiest and beautiful when she blushes. It is one of the most important aspects that define her beauty.

Blush brush is a cosmetic accessory with fine synthetic bristles and rounded head. A blusher brush can be used for applying creams and powder textures on the cheeks while the rounded head makes it easier to apply on that apple of the cheeks. Now, a blush brush is smaller than the powder brush and is softer to apply fine coating to the cheeks. A hard bristled brush will give a big punch of color on the cheeks which we don’t want.

Since there are a number of blush brushes in the market, there are mainly three main types of blush brush shapes that have different properties:

Dome Shaped Brush: It is a blush brush that has its bristles dome shaped and is used mostly to apply powder on the skin. It provides natural contours on the face and helps the product to blend in properly. It however, gives best shades when used in circular motion.

Slant Blush Brush: This brush has bristles with slant shaped head that helps the user to give an illusion of a different face lineament that helps to create an elongated look. It has moderate density of bristles allowing the shade to look more natural.

Stippling Brush: This brush is ideal for applying cream and mousse. This brush is very popular due to its uniqueness to be able to leave your cheeks with a saturated and elated look. However, it should be avoided by those having dry skin and they should use their fingers instead.

A blush brush is a very beneficial product as it helps to apply the blush evenly on the skin making it look softer and natural and helps to blend in the product easily. However, one should clean the brush regularly as hygiene comes before fashion and all of this will definitely lead to a flushed bloom on those cheeks.

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