Why do people blush   ?

Why do people blush ?

It’s a known fact that blushing instantly is a sign of our happiness and good mood. When people are overjoyed they blush. It shows the innate, seductive charm on their face instantly when we are happy. It’s a natural outpour as human beings do communicate a lot with their facial expression. When we are depressed our face will be dull with a pale of darkness and circles will form around our eyes. No one can hide emotions .our face reflects our true happiness and gloom that’s people observe you and judge you through face to face interviews so that one’s attitude can be judged easily.
Why to blush?

Models and film stars do use a blusher to add seductive charm to their face. They paint it pink and rosy so that they will get attention and evade their personal woes because their job demands them to be well dressed and people look up to them to emulate their style and classic looks. They need to grab attention from the crowd and stand out. Everyone wants to be different so staying stylish with good make up is one way of pampering yourself and grooming oneself so that you can be different from others. Everybody wants to prove that I am happy no matter how much agonies and woes they have. Life is full of ups and downs for sure but on an everyday basis we can’t sit in one corner without anything to do so we should move on with our life. So we need to blush.

Stay confident

Confidence is an innate capacity to face the challenges of life and in modern time’s beauty and grooming ads to our confidence .Hence all well placed executives, models and fil stars do give importance to personal styling and grooming. Because they need to stand out in a crowd as they are the leaders .Today unlike olden days men are also into personal grooming and styling to enhance their place of power. It comes from confidence within and we need to cultivate it through grooming.

Natural or Artificial?

When we use the term blush we should keep in mind that if you are a simple, down to earth person the glow and blush will come to your face automatically. It reflects your innocence in a way. Those who are in the limelight can opt for artificial blushers to add to their charm. Others can remain in their natural, simple way .Choice is yours.

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