Wearing your bleached skinny jeans

Wearing your bleached skinny jeans

To wear bleached denim jeans it is best to wear a top that is slightly pale than the denim. If that is not possible then you can wear a nice white colored top that will detract the attention from your pale jeans and go upwards to the top. Another idea is to wear a long top if you want to hide your hips a bit. A bleached jean always goes well with long tops and improves your personality.

The trends of bleached jeans

The beautiful floral trend

This season you can wear the bleached jeans in either of the two trends such as the floral trend and the nautical trend that will make the bleached jeans look at its best. The floral trend will have flowery prints on the jeans that can be matched with edgy accessories that will give you a perfect floral look. The bleached skinny jeans can be paired up with good chiffon blouses and skyscraper black heels also with some chunky gold jewelry if you would like to create a chick and rocking festive look.

The stylish nautical trend jeans

If you want to opt for the nautical trend it is a good idea to buy a black or navy colored blazer that will adorn the look. Black blazers are long lasting but you can also choose a simple white vest and chunky wedges to make a style statement. Pairing the nautical trend bleached jeans with funky accessories is a great way to look fabulous. You can buy cheap and cheerful nautical inspired jewelry from the street market that creates a fabulous look for

the season. You need not spend much money on the jewelry and cheap chucky fashionable jewelry is the best choice. If you prefer unique accessories for your outfits then you can buy the more expensive ones but for a nautical look it is best to keep it simple. A structure leather bag in either brown or black color can be bought as add-ons to make the look complete. For those who love an adventurous twist of style it is best to a straw fedora hat to wear them on with attitude.

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