Black orchid jeans – the brand for innovative designs

Black orchid jeans – the brand for innovative designs

The black orchid flower is a symbol of luxury and love which represents exotic beauty and perfection. The same qualities also apply to the black orchid denims which are derived from the very same concepts in mind. This brand of jeans is known for its rare and unique designs and was launched in the year 2008 by a renowned designer Julien Jarmoune. The designer aimed at creating a luxury jean that can provide a perfect fit to the woman’s body type and make her feel comfortable and stylish effortlessly.

A classic line of jeans for women

The Black Orchid Jeans are known for their unique and innovative, trendy designs. The passion of Julien Jarmoune has taken the brand to greater heights and taste success. Just within 5 years of its launch the Black Orchid Jeans became very popular among customers that also include famous celebrities like Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Alessandra Ambrosio, Katherine Heigl, Halle Berry, Fergie and Kim Kardashian who are longtime fans of this brand. The Black Orchid jeans keep producing more innovative designs that enable it to maintain their top position in the fashion industry.

The creator invented their line of jeans for women after doing a thorough research for the designs in the market when he realized that there was something missing in the market of jeans. He couldn’t find a basic and elegant jean from the multitudes of denim brands available in the fashion market. With his extensive knowledge about fashion and design capabilities, he created the Black Orchid as a classic line of jeans that will be appealing to all women irrespective of their age groups.

Basic and affordable jeans

The Black Orchid jeans are designed with the rare and unique concepts in mind that is also affordable in price. Most of their jeans would cost only under $100. Anyone can buy a simple basic pair of jeans from this range that is comfortable as well as affordable at the same time. This brand of jeans is ideal for those women who would like to look and feel fashionable and stylish without putting in much effort.

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