max factor false lash effect waterproof mascara black. ✕ cavyznu
max factor false lash effect waterproof mascara black. ✕ cavyznu

The mesmerizing mascara

A single swipe of mascara on the eyelashes is all a woman needs to transform her face from drab to fab. The mascara is a cosmetic product that thickens and lengthens the appearance of eyelashes by use of pigmented formulae, which draws more attention to the eyes, making them appear more beautiful and soulful.


Mascara pigmentations are natural colors extracted from carbon (black), iron oxides (brown shades) and the like. The wax in mascara formulae is often paraffin and beeswax and the oil emulsions include various types of oil such as eucalyptus, linseed, mineral, castor, sesame oils, etc. For the stiffening effect, ceresin, methyl cellulose and gum are also added to mascaras. Lengthening and curling mascaras contain rayon fibers to add viscosity. Special water-proof mascaras make use of non-water-soluble ingredients like dodecanal that is not present in water-soluble mascaras.

Best Mascara - 1
Best Mascara


There are numerous products in the market to choose from according to your need, like volatizing mascaras that give body to the eyelashes, curling and lengthening mascaras that lengthen and hold the curl of the eyelashes, water resistant mascaras that are smudge proof from water and sweat, lash defining mascaras that add a sharp definition to the lashes, eyebrow mascaras for the brows, free flowing liquid mascaras for a light definition, powder mascaras and cream mascaras for a heavy eye-makeup look. Also each of the above mascaras can be applied by different styles of applicators such as straight bristled, curved, angled, voluminous or scarce bristled, rubber bristled, spherical or long and vibrating ones to change the effect of the mascara on the overall look of the eyes instantly.

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Best Mascara


1. Eyecup Sport Waterproof Mascara is the ultimate sportswear mascara as it is glossy and smudge proof.

2. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara – is an all effects in one kind of mascara and can be applied lightly for a natural look, or with a heavy hand for a dark dramatic look.

3. Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom Mascara is a mousse textured darkening mascara that is light on the eyes.

4. Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara – has an apt applicator for the difficult to cover bottom lashes.

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