Best liquid foundation – the dream of every girl!

Best liquid foundation – the dream of every girl!

Finding the requisite foundation can seem to be an absurd task- too cakey, too yellow, and too oily- but when you get it, it is really an amazing thing. The right foundation acts as a portrait for the remaining makeup. It conceals imperfections, unifies the skin tone and creates a flawless finish.

Best liquid foundations

A great foundation which suits you is like a secondary skin. Nonetheless, getting the right foundation can be quite a difficult quest for all of us. But in case you do get it, it is really half the battle conquered for your makeup. A proper foundation should act good in shade, texture, coverage, duration and so many other things.

Foundations and its qualities

A foundation can be a double- filed sword. It helps in smoothening your skin tone and hiding imperfections. But if you are not using the right one, it can be utterly aging and can end up looking cake-y. It is not so easy to get the prefect formula. Selecting the correct liquid foundation is most probably the hardest beauty hurdle to jump over.

Liquid Foundation- Meet the Fluid Foundation

Thicker, over, traditional, cakey liquid foundation- there is a sleek, new alternative these days! In case you are among those who helped Armani Maestro into the band product that it has become, then it is a new approach for you. The new thing is that almost all the cosmetic companies out there at every separate price point has bounced on the dropper foundation tone and released one in the recent.

Let’s first have a look at the stats- Fluid foundations or the liquid foundations usually come in a very small bottle than the traditional foundations. The bottles may remind you of the way serums are packaged. They come with the dropper applicators, in bottles along with the dropper spouts, or in drain bottles. The fluid is moist and dilute and generally is described as “fluid to powder” foundation. The come in the matte form and are usually buildable. Most of them contain SPF, but not all of them.

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