Selection of makeup foundation with the age

Selection of makeup foundation with the age

Best foundation for mature Skin

The best foundation will be the one which may match your skin colour and type and show the right shade. For oily skins lighter and oil free foundations are preferred while for dry skins oily foundations are appreciated and selected. On the other hand a friend or a professional’s help will be required to you in order to select the correct shade. It is important to realize that your skin does not remain the same in 50, 60, and 70 as it was in 30’s. After menopause your skin requires different types of foundations yearly as well as seasonally. Moreover with the age your pores also get bigger so it is the best time to change your foundations from heavy one to a lighter or sheer one.

Different foundations for different season

Your skin undergoes different processes during winter and summers therefore the same foundation should not be preferable for both seasons. In other words it is advisable to use different foundations in different seasons. Since our skin changes seasonally so a creamy moisturizing foundation will be very good during winters. In summers a tinted moisturizer will serve the cause efficiently.

Picking the best shade

The best shade for your skin is defined as the one which blends very well with your skin colour and by just swiping along your jawline it should disappear. It is advisable to use different shades in different seasons. In summers when your complexion tans a bit you must use a different shade as compared to the winters when your complexion is lighter one. Skin normally loses radiance with the age so it is very normal that your skin becomes ashen.

How to apply foundations

In past people were using fingers to use the foundation. Even still you will find people using their fingers for makeup foundation and considering it a right choice for this job. But if you just replace a sponge with your fingers you will find it an awesome foundation settler. It even reaches nooks and crannies around your eyes perfectly without spoiling your fingers. Foundation brush can also be used and it’s a better option as compared to fingers.

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