Best ways to apply foundation for hiding acne

Best ways to apply foundation for hiding acne

Having acne and scars on your face can be really bad if you have to apply makeup on it. You certainly don’t feel attractive without putting your makeup on, and when you do apply makeup over acne you don’t feel much better with it either. Finding a foundation that perfectly matches your skin and blends in to give a complete coverage by hiding the acne can be very difficult.

Majority of the makeup professionals just hide all of it under a thick blanket of foundation. But this is not the actual way to hide the acne. There are other ways in which you can hide the acne without completely putting a blanket of foundation on it and make it suffocate. Let us have a look at the best way to apply foundation for hiding acne.

Step 1. Prepare your Skin

Preparing your skin for makeup is one the most essential aspects of getting a perfect result. The first thing you can do to prepare your skin is to ensure that it is protected.

You can apply a thin layer of sunscreen of your choice. The sunscreen should not change the complexion of your skin and should easily blend without making your feel greasy.

Second thing is to ensure that your skin stays hydrated throughout the time you have your makeup on.

You can apply the moisturizer of your choice. Liquid moisturizers that turn powders in a few minutes are perfect for this job. You can also follow it up with a primer if you want.

The final part of preparing your skin is to use a concealer. Ensure that the concealer you use is easy to apply, nourishing to the eyes and should be able to hide dark circles and eye bags.

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Step 2. Get an Even-Looking Tone

Choose a foundation that offers a sheer coverage and lets your natural tone shine through it. In this part you can try to hide the redness and other minor skin imperfections. Ensure that you do not overdo it. Choosing a beauty blender for the same can give you magnificent results.

While applying foundation ensure that you completely understand your skin type. If you have an oily skin don’t choose a heavily-fluid foundation. Instead, you can choose a matte fluid foundation, powder, or stick. If you have dry skin, choose a foundation that will hydrate your skin.

Step 3. Coverage

The third part is to cover the breakouts with the help of a foundation brush. Apply a thin coverage only in the areas where breakouts are visible. You can apply a thicker layer in areas where you have more breakouts.
If you have a nasty dark spot or blemish that you are unable to hide with the foundation, you can hide the same with the help of a concealer.

Finish the look with the help of a finishing powder. Use a large brush and heavy hand in the oily areas and a lighter hand on the rest of your face. You are ready with the best foundation base for acne.

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