Bronzers for sun-kissed vibes

Bronzers for sun-kissed vibes

Bronzers are a steal worthy formulations from the blush family of face make-up products. While blushes are created to be subtle to accentuate cheek bones by providing a hint of blushed appearance on the face, bronzers are more widely used to highlight and accentuate features to chisel and enhance one’s looks. They give a sun-kissed and a beach-y tanned appearance which is why they are a rage among celebrities, fashionistas and beauty professionals.

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For obvious reasons, it is a tricky game to choose the best bronzer for you, depending upon your skin tone and texture. A wrong bronzer can make your face look completely out of place and ridiculous. A wrong shade of the bronzer can add a way darker tan to your face or make your face look washed out and simply hideous. Seeking professional help or a knowledgeable individual can be really worth the time and money to choose the perfect shade and formula to suit your skin type and tone to enjoy the beautiful dewy finish and healthy glow that bronzers provide.


1. Powdered bronzers best suit oily skin types to soak in extra oil production and make the face feel less greasy and yet have a glow to it.

2. Creamy and liquid bronzers are to keep dry and flaky skin moisturized. They are long lasting and easily blend into the skin.

3. Gel bronzers are used to give an even tanned look.

4. Spray bronzers are for quick and specific applications to give a hint of a tan to the face.

They are all available in matte finish that provide a more natural look and shimmer finish that add extra oomph and radiance to the face.


1. NARS Matte Multiple – are stick bronzers designed to swipe across the skin to get that beautifully blended tanned look.

2. MAC Mineralize Skin finish Powder – is perfect for a subtle dab of shimmer on the face for a beach look.

3. Bare Minerals Warmth – are best suited for olive-toned people as they are lightly shimmered and give a very slightly bronzed warm effect to the face.

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