Types of blush brushes and their benefits

Types of blush brushes and their benefits

Adding color on your cheeks is always beautiful. This can be done using a blush applied with a blush brush. This blush brusher is a very essential tool in your makeup collection and there are different types of the blush brush.

A blush brusher is made of a set of natural or synthetic bristles or hairs packed together. This makes it easy to apply blush on your face smoothly. Some brush types have either a soft or coarse texture that depends on what type of makeup or finish you want to have on your skin.

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Types of blushes and their suitable brushes

You can find a lot of varieties of blushes that come in the form of cream, mousse or powder blush. It is necessary to use different brushes for each type of blush for an easy and smooth application.

If you like to use a powder blush, then a slanted type of blush brush or a dome shaped blush brush are the best choices for an even application. While if you are fond of the cream and mousse blushes you must choose a stippling blush brush which are the best suited brushes.

The Best Blush Brushes:

Dome Shaped Brush

The dome shaped blush brush resembles the shape of a dome and is best suited for powder blushes as it works well in applying the blush on the natural contours of the face. It beautifully blends the blush and works perfect when you apply it in a circular motion on your skin.

Slant Blush Brush

This is also best for powder blushes and it has bristles arranges in a slanted shape which is perfect for applying blush on the cheeks. It enables you to contour and highlight blush on your skin at the same time. You can create a thin or elongated look on your face naturally using this blush brusher.

Stippling Brush

The stippling brush is used both for applying cream and mousse blushes. They can also be used for applying foundation on your skin. This brush offers you an air brushed look which is a trend among celebrities and makeup professionals.

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