Benefit cosmetic offers best beauty products

Benefit cosmetic offers best beauty products

San Francisco based Benefit cosmetic is pioneered in providing wide range of makeup and skin care products. Their whole range of products provides innovative solution to give your face a radiant and gorgeous look. It includes number of products like face cosmetic, lip cosmetic, eye makeup products, accessories, skin care products like moisturizers, SPF cream, cleansers, body care products, etc.

Face cosmetics:

It includes various primers like professional primer, stay flawless, lemon aid, Dr, feel good, etc. The primer’s composition is translucent, smooth and blends well with any kind of skin tone. One can also get long lasting primer, which can last up to 15 hrs. It offers flawless skin with smooth finish. It also offers great collection of concealers and foundation with wide range of different shades like light beige, medium beige, deep, etc. It comes in various forms like paste form, cream, liquid form or powder form. Some formulation offers three in one solution which work as concealer, foundation and powder, which are oil free and come in various shades, thus can get shade that suits your skin tone.

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Eye cosmetic:

For getting perfect brows, Benefit cosmetic offers wide range of eye brow pencil that too of different colors like light, medium and dark beige. Eye liner comes in colors like charcoal, espresso, green, blue, purple, etc. It is available in liquid form, sketch pen form or wax form with water proof features, thus stays for long time without smudging. Eye shadows comes in unique colors like oyster pink, bronze, arctic blue, polished copper, soft lilac, brilliant silver, golden peach, golden brown and many more. These beautiful colors provide bold and elegant personality to overall look. It provides creaseless and long lasting solution.

Lip cosmetic:

Under this category, it offers wide varieties of lip gloss, lip stick and lip stain. Lip gloss comes in stick form or push up tube form. It is available in both matte and glossy finish. It comes in various colors like mango tinted, orchid tinted, dusty rose, orange, golden, bright watermelon and many more colors. Varying colors of lipstick and lip stain are also available like peach, berry, orchid pink, coral, etc. Thus gives you smooth and glossy lip makeup.

Skin care products: It includes number of products like moisturizing cream, body lotion, under eye balm, cream with SPF properties and many more.

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