Boycott benefit cosmetics

Boycott benefit cosmetics

Benefit cosmetics is a high-street brand of cosmetics and makeup which has been holding one of the major market shares of the cosmetics industry for the past many years across the globe. Benefit Cosmetics LLC is an international manufacturer of cosmetics in San Francisco, California. It was founded by two twins Jean and Jane Ford. Ever since its foundation in 1976, the brand has become one of the most famous cosmetics brand among the fashion industry and its products have become a staple for women of all ages. Benefit cosmetics outgrew over these recent years from not just providing makeup products but skincare products too. Which became their key component of major sales all across the globe.

The Product Line:

Products like “Dr.FeelGood” as a facial balm giving a healthy and fair complexion minimizing pores and lines and “Lemon-Aid” as the no eye makeup became one of the most widely used cosmetics being manufactured by benefit cosmetics. When it comes to blemishes and concealers, benefit is the right option. Benefit’s product, “BeneTint”, which was founded twenty years ago is still growing in the market as the product with multiple uses. Whether apply on the lips or the cheeks. BeneTint is the right product to give a rosy flush.

Rise in the Trend:

Benefit’s Bathina line provides the whole set of body and skincare products for all types of skins for females. They not only became popular with the “Touch me then try to leave” cream but also with the “Body so Fine” moisturizing lotion, which proved as a milestone in the success of benefit cosmetics.

Decline of Benefit Cosmetics:

The high-end cosmetic brand became involved in a #MakeAMovieAFatty trend on the social media on 6th June consisting of derogatory terms about filming fat people. This not only brought benefit into a negative limelight but many of the company’s followers backlashed the company calling it as inappropriate and criticized the brand for taking part in such negative trend. Ever since this launch of trend by the brand, many beauty bloggers and fashion divas have dived in the criticism over the brand for such negative trend. The brand not only apologized later on to their followers but also urged the followers to accept their apology

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