Top 10 beauty tips

Every women like beauty tips as long as they are practical, effective and easy to follow. To ensure that you get the best, we have collected some of the best beauty tips that are suggested by industry professionals. Be it sporty the perfect wavy hair, smoky cat eye or flawless skin, these tips are sure to help you unleash your beauty potential from head to toe.

In this article we will cover beauty tips for skin and eyes.

For Skin

1. If it’s the summer, always try to keep the makeup minimal. Sheer and less makeup is what your skin needs to look perfect in summers.
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2. No doubt the concealers are very useful. But according to the professionals, a concealer only lets you win half the battle. To ensure that you have a flawless complexion try to use a lipstick in warm pink hue. The lipstick will distract people from focusing on the blemishes as well as other imperfections of your skin.

3. No matter what the season is, always keep your skin hydrated and apply a thin layer of primer for protection.

4. Sunscreen is a must-have for every women. The moment you step out in the sun, make sure that you have applied an effective sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage.

5. You can make your cheekbone to appear higher by using bronze below the cheekbone and using a highlighter on the actual cheekbone and blend both of them properly.

For Eyes

1. Tweezing your eyebrows can result in bald patches and emaciated eyebrows. You can use a brow gel that contains protein to ensure that your eyebrows grow properly and then you can use fillers for shading the areas of concern.

2. Ensure that your eyelids are free from oil and grease before applying eyeliner. If you eyelids have grease, then the liner will smudge. You can prevent this from happening with the help of a makeup remover.

3. To ensure that the eyeliner you apply looks perfect try to keep your eyes open while applying it. It can be a little difficult in the beginning but you will get used to it in some time.

4. You can make your eyes look bigger by using a pencil eyeliner as it is softer than other liners. You can even smudge the lines with the help of your fingers to ensure that they look more natural.

5. After applying mascara, you should use an eye-lash comb or a mascara brush that is cleaned to remove the clumps of mascara.

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