Dress collection by bb dakota

Dress collection by bb dakota

Dresses in General:
Let us start with simply explaining as to what a dress is, I know it’s not required but let’s make a little increment in your knowledge about fashion. According to the books it is a garment that has a skirt which is attached to bodice so that it makes is look like a one piece. These became really popular in the late 1800’s and is still one of the must have in a woman’s wardrobe throughout the globe. Dresses though a lot popular but still do not find a place in the common lifestyle and usual usage. They are worn everyday in modified form but mostly they are preferred on nights like wedding night or proms.

The Brand:

This is a very popular brand these days and has been a choice of a large number of women especially when it comes to choosing a dress for prom or wedding night. The history of this brand (Bb Dakota) goes a long time back when it was started by a daughter and mother. Katharine Brandes started the company with her mother Gloria and since then there has been no looking back for both of them. The brand was started in 2005 when Gloria saw that there was a huge market for dresses but still this was not being properly used by major companies. So she took this opportunity to come up with such a great brand that has been growing since the day it was first launched.

The brand has done so great as it has the sensibilities of both the mother and daughter both making the ideas that give a complete touch of uniqueness and a whole new flavor altogether.

Dresses BY Bb Dakota:

The brand has a wide range of designs that have a very great sense of style and uniqueness to them. This all said the mother and daughter make it a point that the dresses are mix of style and quality and while keeping the style and elegance of the dresses alive have a sexy touch to them. There is also a new segment under the name Jack that appeal to the younger generations as they have young vibe to them. Happy Shopping….

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