Easy guide for efficiently applying eyeshadow

Easy guide for efficiently applying eyeshadow

Applying Eye shadow can become a tedious process especially if you don’t have a vast experience in the art. Eye shadows have become an integral part of today’s makeup routine. Eye shadow application on a daily basis is a common process that many women go through. In this article, we bring you a step by step guide to correctly apply eye shadows. Following this self-help guide will save you lots of precious time and energy.

Step 1

Properly rinse your dry your face before applying any makeup. Use primer to conceal any dark circles and make the eye shadow last longer.

Step 2

Start by applying a lighter shade on your eye lids. Camel, Cream or skin-tone colors are all excellent choices to start with.

Step 3

Use small wounded brush or angled brush to apply darker shade along the creases of your eyes. Darker shades make the eyes pop out and accentuate their shape. Make sure you blend the crease well.

Step 4

Now use a dark-toned eye shadow to line your eyes. Line the eye lashes with care and patience. You can also use the traditional pencils or Eye liners for doing the job.

Applying Eyeshadow - 2

Step 5

Finish it off with some mascara to make your eyes look elegant and alluring.

As, we can see applying eye shadow can be completed efficiently if proper steps are followed in an orderly manner. Use of Primer is highly advised as it provides smoothness, and keeps the color from overflowing. It can also make the eye shadow last for longer time periods.

Important points to keep in mind

• Right combination of eye shadow which matches your eye and hair color is essential.
• High quality base or primer is recommended.
• The right brush for the right time is needed for the perfect eye shadow application
• The combination of light and dark shades are a good starting point if you are not sure or just starting out in the world of eye makeup. Once you gain experience, further experimentation suiting your needs is always useful.

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