Ann klein elegant coats

Ann klein elegant coats

Are you looking for a coat that is trendy and doesn’t compromise on your style? Anne Klein huge collection will offer that. These coats come in different sizes and styles. They put into account all the needs of various clients. Quality and touch of class are a guarantee when it comes to these coats. Over a long time coats are known to lack style and hence people prefer to do without them. Ann Klein’s collection has sought to change this notion.

Collection of Ann Klein’s coats

1) Double-breasted fold-collar wool blend coat.

This coat has got a touch of class and elegance, upon wearing it you will not fit in but you will stand out. This coat has two parts that is the shell and the lining. The shell is 60% wool and 30% polyester and 10% rayon, the lining is 100% polyester. The jacket is double breasted and comes with an enveloped collar. More so it is fitted with side slit pockets and has an inverted pleat which gives it a classic look at the back.

2) Single-breasted hooded raincoat.

When it pours style is limited this notion however ought to be changed. This coat is worn when it is raining yet it has a touch of style. It is 100% polyester and is machine wash .It comes with detachable hood. This piece should grace your wardrobe.

3) Wool boucle cocoon coat.

This coat is designed with novelty textured wool; this adds an aspect of uniqueness to it. It has two distinct parts that is the shell and the lining. It is made in the Dominican Republic and it is dry clean only. This coat puts into account your needs if you seek to stand out in a crowd.

4) Wool cashmere blend walker coat.

This coat comes with an aspect of versatility as it can be worn in different special occasions. It is 60% wool, 20% cashmere 20% nylon. This coat is lined, has two pockets and is fitted with three button closure at the front. This is a classic piece that you should consider for your wardrobe.

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