Does the amazing concealer makeup cream really amaze?

Does the amazing concealer makeup cream really amaze?

Features and background

One can wonder why the eye catching brand name “Amazing concealer” was used for the cosmetic. Pigmented liquid cream is what one should expect to see out of the confines of Amazing Concealer. The skin textures that provide a proper surface for application of the cream are dry skins and slightly oily skins.

How to apply

The fact that the cosmetic is a liquid cream, application measures must be specific. In order to successfully apply it, one ought to start with a pinhead-size drop and then spread to cover a skin surface area like that under the eye. If the user intends to mess up, then using a finger or palm to apply it may suit that user. That means that quality application of the cream requires the use of sponge or makeup brush but not finger or palm. For those who choose to use a finger or palm in application should expect dreaded outcomes. When the brush or sponge is foregone during application, the cream creases into wrinkles, fine lines and gets tacky. Figuring out how the areas around the mouth and eyes can look like when that happens is like picturing the faces of witches of Macbeth.

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Uniqueness and benefits

For a commodity to trend in the market, there must be unique aspects about it. Amazing concealer when applied on the skin, has the ability of hiding skin discolorations; hence the name ‘concealer’. Examples of discolorations that the cosmetic hide are brown spots and dark circles.


‘Amazing’; that is the promotional word that markets the concealer but the actual essence of the cosmetic is that though it is great, it is not perfect. For one to apply it evenly on the skin being adequately skilled is a must before using the makeup brush or else, it will look like patches on the skin. Successfully using Amazing concealer for large skin surface application can be termed as luck or great skills. The reason for this is because when it is used that way, the skin appears unnatural. A successful or lucky user in this context may have taken quite some time by applying it thinly, layer after layer.

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