Airbrushing should be banned

Airbrushing should be banned

Air brush is a small air-operated tool that is used to spray various media like ink, dye and mostly paint by using a process of nebulization. In the contemporary world, the technique of air brush outgrew from its usage of being used for paint and entered the application of being an important tool in makeup and design. The art of Airbrush Makeup has been developed ever since.

Applications of Airbrush:

Airbrush is not just limited to Airbrush makeup but its applications go far beyond in the making of tattoos, airbrush tanning, and nail art, clothing and even in automotive industry in the form of spray guns that is thought to be a successor of airbrush in today’s world.

Digital Airbrushing:

Ever since the development of online editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, photo-editors like Corel for newspapers, magazines which manipulate these tools to create the effect commonly known as “Photo Shopping” on pictures and images in our day to day lives creating a delusion of the real world into our minds. It is due to this ability in the modern society is that the common mass see their personal and physical image in a different limelight.

Reason for popularity of Airbrushing:

The rising trend of beauty and skin care in society ignited the need for airbrushing too. Everybody in today’s world need to look good and want to present themselves beautifully in the modern world. It is due to this that the common mass especially the younger generation became so beauty conscious and became concerned so much about their bodies and the way they look. The growing delusion and the false portrayal on the digital world of the people around us are causing insomnia and sometimes depressions in people because of the rise of the feeling ashamed of their own physical state. This utopian portrayal of people on the digital world through airbrushing must be banned for the better good to provide people with a mere glimpse of the real world so as to minimize the effect of moral degrading taking place in most of the people in society due to their inferior self-image construction.

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