Apply makeup evenly with the airbrush set

Apply makeup evenly with the airbrush set

Makeup application plays a significant role in the process of dressing. It is a great way to enhance the facial look. Regardless of the natural skin and look, you can get a great look using the best makeup. Makeup assists to conceal the appearing defects as well as changes the facial look. Beauty, style and makeup are very close to the women these days. Makeup becomes an ideal accessory for most of the women. Many people find that the airbrush makeup difficult to use and it requires bit knowledge and experience to learn the application techniques from makeup and cleaning. Make sure to clean the skin thoroughly before applying the makeup with the favorite cleanser.


Many consumer grade airbrush set compressors will not go over the PSI of 15 that is so perfect. Some have settings of high, medium and low and it is recommended to use a lower setting airbrush if you are a beginner. Higher setting levels are suitable for body and large areas. Medium strength airbrush strength is suitable for the foundation. Shake the bottle well before applying and test the spray whether it works perfectly or not.

Highlighting and contouring:

Contouring needs the shade somewhat darker than the foundation as well as highlighting needs the shade. Many people will use contour with the bronze that helps to add glowing effect. Use just 4 drops with the PSI of 10 to 13. For the highlights, you can use pearly tones. It is necessary to follow some applying techniques to achieve the perfect look.


Blush is mainly used to achieve the flushed appeal. There are many brands available in the airbrush manufacturers. To achieve the natural look, just apply the blush before the foundation for a better look. Make use of the slightly higher PSI in highlighting. Use continuous and circular motion, just slowly move upwards. In just 3 to 5 minutes, it is easy to complete the makeup with the airbrush set. It is important to clean the airbrush regularly and if possible, just soak the brush in cup with full of water to clean it perfectly.

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